Elementos is a new turn-based RPG game with an advanced combat system with aspects of real-time movement and positioning. Players have to own 3 Mentos in order to play the game and earn tokens. Players can fight against other players, collect their daily rewards by completing battles and breed their pets.

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We will have total of 50,000 Crystal eggs on our sale

• The sale will start initially at $10 per 1 Crystal (first 22,000 Crystals)

• Then after each 1,000 eggs the price will be increased by $1.5

• Each Crystal will contain 1 Mento!




Q4/2021 ~ Early Q1/2022 Beta Launch

Beta Game: Combat system will be added. PvE and PvP Play-to-Earn will be added.

Q1/2022 - Game Launch and improvements

Game Launch and improvements Game: Improve combat system based on community feedback. Bug fixes: UX/UI improvements. Marketplace: UX/UI improvements. Leaderboard and Rewards: Launch Leaderboard system where TOP 1000 players will be rewarded with EME tokens.

13 September, 2021 Crystals Sale Launch

Crystals sale will commence. Marketplace opens (Sell/Buy Mentos will be available)

Q2/2022 Official Launch

App stores: Google Play & App Store. Additions by community feedback. More to come.